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Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted to the author or creator of an original work, including the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work. Copyright does not protect ideas. It only protects the specific and original expression of the idea.

Nikolayenko IP offers clients a full range of legal services related to searching, registering and enforcing copyrights. Our attorneys are also experienced in the licensing of copyrights, helping clients to reap the maximum benefit from their own IP assets, or through the licensing of other companies’ assets. We represent authors as well as companies and other organizations. Our team of sophisticated and experienced copyright attorneys and professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide our clients with focused solutions in a cost effective manner, regardless of the type of industry or size of the company.


  • Search copyright records
  • Advise on copyright protection and proper use of copyright notices
  • Registration of copyright
  • Negotiate and draft agreements relating to creation, licensing, purchase or sale of copyright material
  • Registration of copyright agreements
  • Investigate and identify infringements and infringers
  • Opinions and consultation on copyright and infringement
  • Advise on copyright litigation strategyMediate alternative dispute resolution and negotiate settlements
  • Litigate copyright disputes

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